Prize Money: How Much Will The Winners Of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Receive?

The FIFA World Cup is the most watched sporting event on the planet, so it’s not surprising that there is always a huge amount of prize money to be won at the tournament.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World will be the first time that the tournament will played in the winter. It kicks off from November 20 to December 18.

At every edition of the World Cup, FIFA’s budget increases, as the competition becomes more popular and sponsors pay more money.

Moreso, there is always a large monetary incentive for lifting the FIFA World Cup and the jackpot for clinching the title keeps getting bigger at each edition.

In this article, FootballOrbit brings you the prize money on offer at Qatar 2022.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup is the most expensive World Cup event ever, with an estimated revenue budget of $220 billion!

This is largely due to the high cost of building new stadiums, renovations, fixing infrastructure as well as technology.

FIFA confirmed in April 2022 that the total prize money for Qatar 2022 World Cup will reach up to a massive $440 million.

It means that the total prize pool will be $40m greater than the prize pool of the 2018 tournament in Russia — which was $400m.

The prize money for Brazil 2014 was $358m.

Breakdown of the FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup prize money

Each qualified team will receive $1.5m ahead of the competition to cover the costs of preparation.

Also, at the group stage; each team will receive $9m.

Thus, each participating country will earn AT LEAST $10.5m.

Furthermore, teams that reached the Round of 16 will get $13m each.

While those that got to the quarterfinals will each be rewarded with $17m.

The fourth place team will receive $25m.

The team that finished in third place will get $27m.

The runners-up in the final will bag $30m.

The winners of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup will be awarded a whopping $42m.

Qatar 2022 Prize Money

Will football clubs earn during the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Yes! clubs are obligated to release their players to fulfil their dreams of playing in the global mundial.

Hence, these clubs will receive compensation from FIFA during that period.

FIFA has allocated $209m to be distributed to clubs whose players participate at the 2022 World Cup as part of its Club Benefits Programme.

Clubs will be able to receive $10,000 for each one of the days its player remains with his national team during the FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as the official preparation period.

Furthermore, all the clubs that a player played for in the two years prior to the tournament will be compensated.

This will include more than 400 clubs worldwide.

How much of the prize money will each player receive at the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

There is no specified amount that each individual player receives because FIFA allows each country to decide this by themselves.

Usually, the prize money earned during the tournament is split between both the entire squad and other staff members.

Furthermore, for most countries; all the players included in the squad will be paid the same amount — including players that didn’t get much playing time.

Some amount of money also goes to charity and to the national football association of that country.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Sponsors

To raise more money apart from TV rights and other revenues, FIFA has several sponsors.

Some are FIFA Partners, others are FIFA World Cup sponsors and there are also regional sponsors.

Some of the sponsors for Qatar 2022 are:

¶Adidas (sportswear)
¶Coca Cola (beverage)
¶Wanda Group (conglomerate)
¶Hyundai/Kia Motors (automotive)
¶Qatar Airways (airline)
¶QatarEnergy (oil & gas)
¶Visa (financial services)
¶Byju’s (educational technology)
¶ (cryptocurrency platform)
¶Hisense (electronics & home appliances)
¶McDonald’s (restaurants & real estate)
¶Mengniu Dairy (dairy products)
¶Vivo (consumer electronics)

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