Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2024

Due to the global popularity of football, it has become a huge money-spinning enterprise. The richest football clubs in the world in 2024 are unsurprisingly the elite European clubs. Probably, MLS or Saudi clubs may give them a run in the future.

In this post, FootballOrbit uses data released by Deloitte to rank the richest football clubs on the planet. Deloitte Football Money League publication remains the most reliable independent analysis of the highest revenue generating clubs in world football.


For the first time ever, the overall revenue of the top richest clubs goes above €10bn. The total revenue accrued by the top 20 clubs last season is a record €10.5bn, a 14% increase over the previous year (€9.2bn).

Football clubs mostly generate their income from matchday, broadcast and commercial sources. Matchday revenue comprises of tickets and merchandise sales as well as other marketing services rendered to fans during games.

Broadcast revenue is collected by clubs for TV rights for matches to be broadcasted, while commercial revenue is made from sponsorship deals and partnerships.

Clubs generated record matchday revenues of €1.9bn in 2022/23, due to the massive return of fans to the stadiums in the post-pandemic era. Ultimately, 13 of the top 20 richest clubs reported record matchday revenue.

A record €4.4bn was generated from commercial deals in 2022/23, a 16% growth over previous year. Commercial revenue represented the largest revenue income stream for clubs for the first time since the 2015/16 season. 17 of the top 20 clubs reported an annual increase in commercial revenue.

Meanwhile, there was a 5% increase in broadcast revenue.

Source: Deloitte.

Overall, clubs accumulated an average revenue of over €500m, with commercial and broadcast revenue contributing similar amounts of €222m (42%) and €213m (40%) respectively, followed by matchday revenue (€93m, 18%).

Six Premier League clubs feature in the top 10, with a total of 14 English teams in the top 30, showcasing the huge financial might of English clubs. English clubs are likely to maintain their financial dominance as domestic broadcast deals running between 2025/26 and 2028/29 will see an average increase of 4% on an annual basis.

While the richest clubs are mostly from Europe, they may be challenged very soon by clubs in the USA and Brazil. Notably, Inter Miami (USA) gained a tremendous rise in revenue following the signing of Lionel Messi in 2023, while Flamengo (Brazil) are very close to this year’s top 30.

Furthermore, with the 2025/26 FIFA Club World Cup set to involve 32 teams (20 non-European), clubs from other continents could gain more revenue.

However, the imminent expansion of the Champions League and Europa League from 2024/25 could equally strengthen the financial domination of European clubs.

These are the top 10 richest football clubs in the world in 2024:

1. Real Madrid (€831.4m)

Richest football clubs in the world 2024

Real Madrid have overtaken Manchester City to become the richest football club in the world — for the first time since 2017/18.

Madrid’s financial growth is majorly due to strong retail performance and higher stadium attendance, following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. They gained €831.4m (£723m) in 2023, a 16% increase on the €713.8m (£604.5m) made the previous year.

They generated €403m from commercial partnerships, €306m from TV broadcast rights, and €122m from matchday income.

On the pitch, Real finished second in La Liga, reached the Champions League semifinals and won the Copa del Rey last season.

2. Manchester City (€825.9m)

Despite a record-breaking season both on and off-pitch, last year’s richest club Manchester City fall to second place in the 2024 ranking.

The club reported its highest ever revenue for a season, €825.9m (£718.2m), a 13% increase on the €731m (£619.1m) generated last year. Their success was driven by glorious treble-winning campaigns in the FA Cup, Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

City made €399m from commercial deals, €344m from broadcast and €83m from matchday.

3. PSG (€801.8m)

Richest football clubs in the world 2024

PSG, 5th last season, broke into the top three for the first time in history, finishing ahead of Barcelona for the second year running.

The Parisian side earned €801.8m (£697.2m) in 2023, a year-on-year increase of €148m (23%) on the €654.2m (£554m) recorded in 2022.

Their income was majorly from shares gotten in a CVC Capital Partners investment into the commercial subsidiary of Ligue de Football Professional, which generated €83.5m for the club.

PSG made €400m via commercials, €249m from broadcast and €153m on matchdays.

Last season, the club won a record 11th Ligue 1 title, but could only reach the round of 16 of the Champions League.

4. Barcelona (€800.1m)

Barcelona were one of the biggest movers, rising to 4th from 7th in 2024. They generated a total of €800.1m (£695.8m) last year, a decent 25% rise on the €638.2m (£540.5m) from the previous year.

This growth was largely due to the return of fans to stadiums, record licensing and merchandising sales, as well as rise in sponsorship revenues.

Overall, this yielded a 61% and 45% increase in matchday and commercial revenue respectively. The Blaugranas made €412m in commercial contracts, €222m in TV rights and €166m in matchday revenue.

Barca won the La Liga and Supercopa de Espana last term, but crashed out of the Champions League group stage.

5. Manchester United (€745.8m)

Richest football clubs in the world 2024

Manchester United dropped from 4th to 5th in the 2024 richest football clubs in the world ranking, making €745.8m (£648.5m) in overall revenue. This represents an 8% increase on the €688.6m (£583.2m) the year before.

Moreso, the Red Devils made €355m from commercial deals, €240m from broadcasting rights and €151m from matchday.

On the pitch last season, United finished 3rd in the Premier League, reached the quarterfinals of the Europa League, final of the FA Cup and won the League Cup.

6. Bayern Munich (€744m)

Richest football clubs in the world 2024

In 2024, Bayern Munich maintain their number 6th spot among the richest football clubs in the world from last season.

They made a total of €744m (£647m) in 2023, a 14% increase over the €653.6m (£553.5m) generated in 2022.

Moreover, €419m was made from commercial deals, €204m from broadcasting rights and €121m from matchday fees.

Bayern narrowly won the Bundesliga last campaign, but got eliminated in the quarterfinal of the UEFA Champions League.

7. Liverpool (€682.9m)

Liverpool reported the greatest fall in the 2024 rankings, dropping from 3rd to 7th!

They were one of the three clubs (alongside Atlético Madrid and West Ham United) to report a decline in revenue in comparison to the previous season.

Liverpool made €682.9m (£593.8m), which was a -3% DECREASE from the €701.7m (£594.3m) in the previous year.

This was due to a downturn in performances across domestic and European competitions as they finished 5th in the Premier League and got knocked out of the Champions League in the round of 16.

Ultimately, the Reds earned €298m from commercial partners, €282m from TV broadcast and €103m from matchday revenue.

8. Tottenham (€631.5m)

Tottenham took one step up from 9th to 8th, displacing London rivals Chelsea. Spurs made €631.5m (£549.2m) in 2023, representing a 21% increase on the €522.9m (£442.8m) made in 2022.

They got €261m from commercial deals, €235m from broadcasting rights and €135m from matchday.

On the pitch, Tottenham ended up in 8th place in the league, and only managed to get to the Champions League round of 16.

9. Chelsea (€589.4m)

Richest football clubs in the world 2024

Chelsea dropped a place from 8th to 9th in 2024, they generated a total of €589.4m (£512.5m) last year. This represents a marginal 4% increase on the €568.3m (£481.3m) accumulated in 2022.

The Blues made €242m from commercial contracts, €260m from TV broadcast and €88m on matchdays.

Their performances on the pitch greatly contributed to their fall as Chelsea embarrassingly finished 12th in the EPL and got eliminated in the UCL quarterfinal.

10. Arsenal (€532.6m)

Richest football clubs 2024

Arsenal crashed into the top 10 last year and duly maintained their 10th position again in 2024.

Overall, the Gunners generated €532.6m (£463.1m) last year. That’s an impressive 23% increase on the €433.5m (£367.1m) earned in the previous year.

€195m was accumulated from commercial deals, €220m from TV broadcasting rights and €118m from matchday income.

Additionally, completing the top 30 richest football clubs in the world in 2024 are:

  1. Juventus (€432.4m)
  2. Borrusia Dortmnd (€420m)
  3. AC Milan (€385.3m)
  4. Inter Milan (€378.9m)
  5. Atlético Madrid (€364.1m)
  6. Entrcht Frankfurt (€293.5m)
  7. Newcastle (€287.8m)
  8. West Ham (€275.1m)
  9. Napoli (€267.7m)
  10. Marseille (€258.4m)
  11. Aston Villa (€250.5m)
  12. Benfica (€233.4m)
  13. Brighton (€231.3m)
  14. AS Roma (€214.9m)
  15. Sevilla (€214.3)
  16. Fulham (€209.8m)
  17. Leeds United (€207.8m)
  18. Crystal Palace (€206.5m)
  19. Lyon (€199.1m)
  20. Everton (€198m)

Source: Deloitte Football Money League.

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