Football Players That Lookalike

Football Players That Lookalike

Apart from their physical resemblance, both Messi and Mac Allister played integral roles as Argentina won the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

A lookalike — also called double, or doppelganger — is a person who bears a strong physical resemblance to another person. Like other people across different spheres of life, there are also football players that lookalike.

Some lookalikes who resemble celebrities have worked as entertainers, impersonating actors on stage and screen, or at venues like parties and corporate functions.

Professional lookalikes have often been represented by talent agencies specializing in celebrity impersonators.

In this article, FootballOrbit brings you football players who share resemblance.

Andrea Barzagli & Javi Fuego

Barzagli and Javi Fuego football players that lookalike

Former Juventus centre-back, Andrea Barzagli, is regarded as one of the best and most consistent defenders in Italian football history.

Barzagli has a lookalike in Javi Fuego, a former Spanish player who played as a defensive midfielder for the likes of Valencia, Villarreal and Sporting Gijon.

Kylian Mbappe & Dida

Mbappe and Dida football players that lookalike

Kylian Mbappe bears a striking resemblance to former Brazil goalkeeper, Dida.

Some observers have even raised suspicion that Dida might actually be Mbappe’s father, because the latter was born in 1998, the year France hosted the World Cup in which Dida represented Brazil.

But this is impossible as the 1998 FIFA World Cup took place between June and July, while Mbappe was born just five months later in December.

Giorgio Chiellini & Adane Girma

football players that lookalike

Los Angeles FC, centre-back, Giorgio Chiellini is considered one of the best defenders of his generation.

The Italian shares a resemblance with former Ethiopian striker, Adane Girma, who was a member of the Ethiopian national team from 2004 to 2014 and scored 9 goals in 45 appearances.

Paul Pogba & Aurélien Tchouaméni

Paul Pogba of Juventus looks like French national teammate, Aurélien Tchouaméni, who plays for Real Madrid.

Antoine Griezmann & Yunus Akgun

Athletico Madrid superstar, Antoine Griezmann somehow resembles Leicester City Turkish midfielder, Yunus Akgun.

Salvatore Sirigu & Vincente Iborra

Italian goalkeeper, Salvatore Sirigu, shares a very striking resemblance with Spanish defensive midfielder, Vincente Iborra, who currently plays for Olympiacos.

Lionel Messi & Alexis Mac Allister

Lionel Messi and Liverpool midfielder Alexis Mac Allister lookalike.

Both are also Argentines and helped their nation to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Messi’s fame as a global superstar is huge, so resembling him can earn anyone an advantage.

Iranian man, Reza Parastesh — a stunning Messi lookalike — famously claimed to have used his looks to sleep with 23 women.

Edinson Cavani & Ruben Bentacourt

Edinson Cavani has a lookalike in fellow Uruguayan football player, Ruben Bentacourt.

Luka Modric & Johan Cruyff

So many share the opinion that two great football players, Luka Modric and Johan Cruyff, lookalike.

Kaka & Joao Felix

Brazilian legend, Ricardo Kaka, who won the 2007 Ballon d’Or, and Barcelona attacker, Joao Felix, have often been compared due to their striking resemblance.

The comparison doesn’t just end in their physical attributes, but also style of play, which is relatively similar too.

Eden Hazard & Thiago Alcantara

Two hugely talented stars, Eden Hazard and Thiago Alcantara also lookalike.

Moreso, beyond their physical resemblance, both have had their careers blighted by injuries.

Brais Mendez & Bruno Fernandes

Spanish football player, Brais Mendez, who plays as an attacking midfielder for Real Sociedad resembles Manchester United captain, Bruno Fernandes — who, coincidentally, is also an attacking midfielder.

David Luiz & Matteo Guendouzi

David Luiz and Matteo Guendouzi often confuse fans when on the pitch together.

Their lookalike hairstyles is the only resemblance they share, but watching both playing for Arsenal in the same colours can be confusing sometimes.

Nathan Ake & Ruud Gullit

Nathan Ake, who came through Chelsea’s academy, resembles Chelsea legend, Ruud Gullit.

Furthermore, both are from the Netherlands and also share the same hairstyle.

Joelinton & Reece James

Football players that lookalike

Newcastle United’s Brazilian midfielder, Joelinton, shares a striking resemblance with Chelsea captain, Reece James.

Luis Suarez & Roy Makaay

Football players that lookalike

Luis Suarez looks like former Dutch striker, Roy Makaay.

Apart from their physical resemblance, both are also strikers renowned for their great goal-scoring abilities.

Peter Crouch & Nacho Monreal

football players that lookalike

Peter Crouch has a very close lookalike in former Arsene defender, Nacho Monreal.

Gareth Bale & Kenny McEvoy

football players that lookalike

Gareth Bale shares a good resemblance with Irish winger, Kenny McEvoy, who also played for Tottenham Hotspurs.